I would suggest to all of you who wish to know this area better, to walk the route, which is described below: 

  It will take you about two and half to three hours to walk to Tsagarada from Agios Ioannis.

  Starting the walk from the pedestrian street of Agios Ioannis going southwars, cross the bridge over the ravine. After passing the camping site, you meet the Papa-Nero beach, which you walk along. At the end of the beach, the cape of Damouharis can be distinguished and also the path which ascends above Damouharis. Following this path, you will eventually arrive in Tsagarada.

  At the southern edge of the beach you meet the path. Walk along this path for 300m until you reach the asphalt. Then continue on the left-hand side. Upon reaching the main road a fter the spring, continue on the left-hand side again. You will arrive at the parking area above Damouharis and then descend the path to the village, which you will pass through always southward.

  Eventually, after passing a wooden bridge, start ascending the rock, Kagiolia, as it is known among the locals. After 400m leave the path on the left, which leads to farms and the beach at Milopotamos. You will read the top In approximately 30min. The walk will be easier now, and you will have time to catch your breath and enjoy the spectacular view.

  You have at least arrived in Tsagarada, which extends for 3,5 kilometres and consists of 4 quarters.

  After passing a wooden kiosk with atable, opposite it, you ascend the path on the right hand side, which has an enclosed farm alongside. Finally, you will reach a "square" which has a chestnut-tree, a spring in it, and a sign saying" 28 October". Walk along this street for 30m past house-yards, and on the right bend of this road, follow the path on the left. After a few meters becomes to stone-path. Walk though a forest of chestnut trees and pass a cement bridge with a spring opposite it. Go up the beautiful stone-path.

  After meeting the asphalt, which cuts across the path, cross over it and continue along the same path. After walking a few metres, you will see the church towers and the square of Agias Kiriakis. There is a spring and an ascending path on the left-hand side. You will read the asphalt again, and you must cross over it again, and follow the same path, which has a little church on the left-hand side. Walk until you read the asphalt road, then walk on the left until you read the square of Agias Paraskevis, where you will find a 1.000 year old plane tree, and marble lions spring.

  The path continues oposite the entrance to the square. It will lead you to the old school, which you pass on the left-hand side. You will also pass the hotel Xenia and descend though wild chestnut trees. After passing another little cement bridge and acending a few meters, you will meet the asphalt road, which leads us to Milopotamos. You go up to the central road and walking on the left you arrive in the final quarter, Agios Taxiarxhis.

  You can visit the unique Studio of Art, Eroterra  and finally, end in the central square.